Monday, May 24, 2010

health week.
justin and i are drinking just water starting today.
this is gonna be harder than planned.
bye bye precious diet coke and tea.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


ah summer. its off to a wonderful start. full of sunny days and warm nights. i love mississippi summers.
i love the food. i love the drinks {tea and lemonade. nothing better} and mostly. i love the CLOTHES.

i want this. its on my wish list. but i have a feeling, being only 5'2", i won't be able to pull it off. worth a shot. at least i started off the summer with a clothing bang. i got two new sandals :) perfect summer shoes. one in gray and one in brown. i'm obsessed.

for mine and justin's one year we decided to make chelsea's five minute chocolate cake. it was DELICIOUS. {except justin's turned out better than mine. he mixed his egg and wet ingredients separately and the dumped them in. i mixed them in directly. i'd follow him.} either way. it was a delicious desert. and so fast and easy! we added strawberries to the top which was extra delectable. i'm obsessed. i think i'll make it again tomorrow :)

p.s. i'm working at smoothie king andd the jackson zoo. so there will be tons of summer fun.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 more days..

welcome to my life.

thank you exam week and sinuses.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

art i tell you.

what i am doing instead of writing a paper.

Monday, April 26, 2010

its time for...

a polish change :)
my nails had been bare for long i dug through the colors and settled on lincoln park after dark. i love it. i feel sophisticated every time i see my hands. {doesn't she drink that diet coke with sophistication? yes. it must be her nail polish.}

oh why yes. i do write notes on my hand :) no big.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

say hello to my little...

MUG! {hooty?}
i got her in my easter basket and i simply adore her.
i drink all of my tea out of her.
she makes me happier than my other plain old boring mugs.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

hello rainy saturday.

i wish you looked like that ^ but since you don't...

i have conquered this day and been far too productive {sort of}
i felt today was going to be successful when i actually left the room for breakfast and had eggs, grits, and cornbread {?}. good break from cereal and nutri grain bars.

i have been swimming in papers on exercise and mentoring.
but when i get bored with that {shocker} i return to my piles of crafts :)
i have been printing and editing pictures for days now thanks to my theatre project.
hey i'm not complaining.

to combat all this work i painted my nails lincoln park after dark. LOVE IT.
and made my favorite rainy day snack.
toast with nutella and pumpkin/honey tea :) its perfection together.

say hello to my new homework time playlist. {thank you genius mixes}
1. one time -- justin bieber
2. take me on the floor -- the veronicas
3. follow through -- gavin degraw
4. naturally -- selena gomez {guilty pleasure here}
5. satellite heart (air mail remix) -- anya marina
6. it's still rock and roll to me -- billy joel
7. distance -- karsh kale
8. first dance -- justin bieber ft. usher
9. heartbreak warfare -- john mayer
10. daniel -- billy joel & elton john

have a beautifully rainy {or sunny} day.

LOVE, katie

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

little letters

First of all, i realize it has been almost 4586 days {exact number of course} since i have been on here. and i also realize that this is un-ac-ceptable. so to end this little hiatus period. little letters :)

Dear Professors,
i dont know if you all are in some kind of race to give the most tests and papers and quizzes in the last month of school. but it is not appreciated. i would like them to stop. now.
Thank you,

Dear Gym,
I am surprised as you are that we have been meeting on such a regular basis. I hope we can keep this relationship up.
Surprisingly yours,

Dear Easter Basket,
Do not taunt me with your delicious goodness that you hold. I can not resist you. this is unfair.
Still yours,

Dear Weather,
Thank you for being the light at the end of this academic tunnel. Thank you for making my days all shiny and warm. Shorts appreciate it too.
Much appreciated,

Dear Blog,
I'm sorry. the Sunshine and Papers win. When summer comes around i'm all yours again.

Dear Freshman 15,
Where the heck did you come from and could you please go back there.
Hatefully yours,

Dear "new" Phone,
You are sturdy yes, but... the buzzing noise you make in my ear is not pleasant. Also the fact that you shut off when your tired is not appreciated. Please stop this acting out.
Dependent on you,

Dear Food,
i love you. that is all.

Dear Diet Coke,
I realize I have been neglecting you for Water lately. Nothing personal it is just the bikini season. But come Monday I will prove my loyalty.
Forever yours,

Dear self,
Chill out. Sleep.
Love, Katie

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ding dong the phone is dead...

I have some sad news to report.
my phone is dying a slow and painful death. and I can't put it out of its misery until Tuesday.
my poor poor little blackberry.
she makes no sound. she vibrates no more. she has to work extra hard to receive messages and her cute little camera doesn't work.
i will be switching to a poc {piece of crap} phone on tuesday.
so wish me luck as i make the digression from technology of the future to "technology" of the past.
i'll post a picture of the new {but temporary. thank God} baby as soon as i get here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

excuse me..what?

its really carnival day in Lakeside Dining?? you have to be kidding. nope i am not. go check it out.

Thank goodness my roommate eats there every day or I would have missed the best thing on the planet! CARNIVAL DAY! no plain old yucky cafeteria food for me. no today i am dining upon such things as cotton candy, cupcakes, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and moonpies. while the servers are dressed as clowns. hair/makeup and all. i feel as if i should write them a letter.

dear lakeside dining.
thank you for spicing up the food on this special day. i will no longer diss your food and i hope to see more of this in the future.

p.s. sorry for no pictures. lets just say the food disappeared at a faster rate than normal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so this wonderful girl - and roomate of mine. {okay so maybe im biased} just entered the blogging world! should go check her out. leave a comment or two. show her some love

LOVE, katie

Monday, March 22, 2010

the story behind..

behind everything there is a story. {be it sad, wierd, or just simply delightful}

so if your wondering katie, why is your picture at the top a tree??.

well. theres a story for that. {yes apple. i stole your line. ha!}

over spring break i spent such a wonderful two days with my delightful grandparents. you may call them nana and grandpa. we'll discuss the story behind nana later. my grandpa is a sucker for grandpa tell me a story! so heres how it goes: Grandpa has a mom and a dad {dur} and his mom just happened to have a wicked green thumb. When dad died, mom decided to plant three pear trees in his honor. Lets just say the green thumb didn't run in the family. so this is the only little pear tree left. and this is why the pear tree means so much to Grandpa. THE END.

great story. i love it. and i get to hear it every time i go. this is why there is a tree at the top of my page. it reminds me to cherish my lovely little family :)

LOVE, katie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

off to a successful start.

horaaay. the first OFFICIAL {in my book} day of SPRING BREAK. beach? no. mountains? no. well where the heck am i going? MADISON MS! i call this lovely place home.

anddd i wanted a picnic so i got a picnic.
it was supposed to be a lovely day. but mother nature likes to mess with my plans. she made it chilly, cloudy, and windy. but nothing was stopping my picnic.
so this lovely man made me this lovely meal.

then when we just got fed up with the weather. we scedattled off to. wait for it....BASS PRO SHOP. really makes you remember your in mississippi. because yes its one of the biggest buildings besides the mall and movie theater. oh and why yes it DOES have a waterfall with huge catfish and gar at the bottom. i dunno. i find it pretty cool.
so if you didn't believe me before. now you do.
i love my world.

LOVE, katie

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


its the end to a totally stress free day.
but WAIT. Katie, why was it stress free? you have a quiz, an application, and an essay to write by tomorrow. {HOLY BANANA!} hey brain. focus on the stress free.

i only had
See full size image
classes today.
{i may or may not start to doodle this little guy in class}

then on to hips butts and guts class with this lovely lady
{hey teach. is this really supposed to hurt this much.}
she also sang the whole room be our guest. accents and all. :)

anddd. i've been listening to when you say you love me ALL day.

Dear Josh,
I have little eargasms every time you sing. to me.
because i know you do.
because i make your world go still. when i say. i love you.
please. no one wake me from this.

oh. and the veronicas.
can i please BE you. or at least know you.

enough of my ramblings. that big list at the top? alas. it must be done.

LOVE, katie

Monday, March 1, 2010


my dearest and loving sister came to see me this weekend!

i missed her so much.

i will tell of our adventures through a picture monologue.

and yes i just love the way that sounds.


and we immediately started baking.

Yes the middles are sinking. Yes we didn’t cook them for long enough.

And we sat down with our tasty treats.

To watch…


DAY 2:

Off to a splendid start.

But we reconciled.

And took a cheesy overused mirror picture.

Because we can.


our breakfast. lunch. and dinner.

then we went to the zoo and took more pictures


this will be our wedding picture.


photo opp!

katie. no. -- bekka. yes.

then she got quite fed up.

if you make me take one more picture…

when the zoo kicked us out…

we saw..


but now she is gone.

and I miss her so.

LOVE, katie

Monday, February 22, 2010

so. i created a fundraising page.
no pressure.
go check it out. please {please?}
very much appreciated.

p.s. look on the right. i have a widget for it.

LOVE, katie

Monday, February 15, 2010


since i have only 20 minutes before class.
and i have to write this amazing essay.
[paha. who am i kidding]
i cant make this the most banging blog of all.
but i promise i will make a new one when im not supposed to be learning about native americans.

so why you wonder do i write this if it isnt going to be awesome and thought out with pictures galore?
WELL. i just HAD to thank this amazing girl for my o so lovely valentine.
[there will be a picture posted of this later]
i was having a well rough day when my little voice spoke to me.
"go check your mail box"
"paha. are you kidding me. theres never anything in there"
"no. for real. just go"
so i went. and wala! my card. it brightned my day from a dull gray to a shiny sunshine!

onto class.

LOVE katie

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its been one of those days.

a roller coaster.

back to

but hey at least were at yay now.

days like this make me happy for the often taken for granted things.

like my little sister.

she makes my day cheerier.

i want her cheer.

and my boyfriend.

who through it all loves me.

INTRODUCING. (another)

and todays miracles are....

1.) my nana bear.

2.) wonderful roomates.

3.) best true friends

4.) my mom

5.) the sun

6.) my sister

7.) iced white chocolate mocha.

its like a little piece of coffee heaven.

8.) (forgiveness)

9.) class ending at 12 :)

LOVE, katie

Friday, January 22, 2010

Make your own KFC sign at

please go. i cried.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


thanks to chelsea-rebecca
i have been inspired to try new things.
i am trying out veggie for a week.
(beginning January 24)

now i realize you dont just choose to go vegetarian for no good reason.
the fact is. i do have a problem with the meat market.
i could just never give up my precious meat.
so i looked the other way - in a sense - as i chomped down on my burger and bacon.
but for this week i will listen to my little voice and go vegetarian.
lets hope it sticks!

LOVE, katie

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i have come to a sad realization today.
that my life is verging on pathetically boring.

what did i do today?
1) went to class.
2) went to dorm.
3) went to class.
4) went to dorm.
5) went to class.
6) back at dorm.
anyone see the pattern?

SO. instead of my daily life.

1.) keeping up with the kardashians. {its strangely addicting.}
2.)diet dr. pepper and baked lays.
look at that healthy meal right there
3.)any disney movie. doesnt matter.
in fact i watched mulan today :)
"Look, you get porridge...and its happy to see you!"
4.)the 90's on 9.
goin back in time. much better than todays music.
5.) miley cyrus.
6.)$5 'Hot and Ready' pizza from Little Caesars

SO stoked for tomorrows WORKOUT CLASS
correct. i get a grade for working out.
i'm a little embarrassed to fill out the 'workout history' questionnaire however.
{its been a while}

1.) watching mulan while blowing my diet
{i did drink water ;)}
2.) my anthropology teacher.
he has accomplished everything in life that i want to be.
3.) finding out my sister considers me her best friend
4.) this beautiful sunset
5.) watching winnie the pooh's "heffalumps and woozles" with my roomie.

LOVE Katie

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Christmas break is over -- so sad.
number of suitcases? {8}

not all sadness.
church tomorrow with my family and baby doll :D
and my favorite part. food.

Dear Jessica.
this i am excited for.
i have missed you.

  1. lunch at buffalos with my family
  2. sitting in front of the fire
  3. watching shallow hal with justin (babydoll.)
  4. my mothers chicken chili
  5. cuddling.

sleep? sounds good.
8 am wake up. 3 hour drive. [D:]

LOVE, Katie

Friday, January 8, 2010

&& i swear that you dont have to go...

even though you may wish to.
i don't claim to be interesting.
this will be ME. filtered through MY brain. and in MY words.

my inspiration? oh just this little book i found.
i plan to do everything in this book. hopefully long before i get old. [how old is old?]

this book and this blog will be the start to a brand new me.
i used to be fearful of life. obsessive. secretive. boring.
not anymore.

  1. talking to my cousins.
  2. making sushi plans
  3. seeing {justin}
  4. taking a nap with my puppies
  5. organizing my binders

on sadder notes.
[for the last time.]
i've added to my new years resolution list.
no more waisting time sad.

Dear Rachel. I will miss you. I now hate LSU
{college wont be the same.}