Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i have come to a sad realization today.
that my life is verging on pathetically boring.

what did i do today?
1) went to class.
2) went to dorm.
3) went to class.
4) went to dorm.
5) went to class.
6) back at dorm.
anyone see the pattern?

SO. instead of my daily life.

1.) keeping up with the kardashians. {its strangely addicting.}
2.)diet dr. pepper and baked lays.
look at that healthy meal right there
3.)any disney movie. doesnt matter.
in fact i watched mulan today :)
"Look, you get porridge...and its happy to see you!"
4.)the 90's on 9.
goin back in time. much better than todays music.
5.) miley cyrus.
6.)$5 'Hot and Ready' pizza from Little Caesars

SO stoked for tomorrows WORKOUT CLASS
correct. i get a grade for working out.
i'm a little embarrassed to fill out the 'workout history' questionnaire however.
{its been a while}

1.) watching mulan while blowing my diet
{i did drink water ;)}
2.) my anthropology teacher.
he has accomplished everything in life that i want to be.
3.) finding out my sister considers me her best friend
4.) this beautiful sunset
5.) watching winnie the pooh's "heffalumps and woozles" with my roomie.

LOVE Katie

1 comment:

  1. love your guilty pleasures!! i can relate to oh just about ALL of them!
    and that is too cute that your sister considers you to be her best friend. i love it!!