Friday, February 18, 2011

hello weekend.

ahh the week is finally over!
and i'm starting it off with an episode of house.
ah a drugged out god among men. {he totally has a soft side which is why he is SUCH a cutie. plus he just sang a Christmas carol. so here have my ♥}

anyway. what i'm really looking forward to is NCIS. because this hunk of burning love has even more of my ♥

has anyone noticed my weird obsession with old men yet?

have a wonderful weekend!

i must add on to this blog because i forgot a major crush

a crush from my childhood that has lasted into my twenties. and an addition to my old man obsession. {i loved his machoness along with his jokes and his softie side ♥}
oh and this.


  1. oh i totally love your obsession with old men, because it leaves the hot younger ones for me to crush on :) aka Dr. Chase and the other guy on NCIS

  2. Since they are ALL older than your Daddy, I gues they are old men.