Thursday, March 25, 2010

ding dong the phone is dead...

I have some sad news to report.
my phone is dying a slow and painful death. and I can't put it out of its misery until Tuesday.
my poor poor little blackberry.
she makes no sound. she vibrates no more. she has to work extra hard to receive messages and her cute little camera doesn't work.
i will be switching to a poc {piece of crap} phone on tuesday.
so wish me luck as i make the digression from technology of the future to "technology" of the past.
i'll post a picture of the new {but temporary. thank God} baby as soon as i get here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

excuse me..what?

its really carnival day in Lakeside Dining?? you have to be kidding. nope i am not. go check it out.

Thank goodness my roommate eats there every day or I would have missed the best thing on the planet! CARNIVAL DAY! no plain old yucky cafeteria food for me. no today i am dining upon such things as cotton candy, cupcakes, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and moonpies. while the servers are dressed as clowns. hair/makeup and all. i feel as if i should write them a letter.

dear lakeside dining.
thank you for spicing up the food on this special day. i will no longer diss your food and i hope to see more of this in the future.

p.s. sorry for no pictures. lets just say the food disappeared at a faster rate than normal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so this wonderful girl - and roomate of mine. {okay so maybe im biased} just entered the blogging world! should go check her out. leave a comment or two. show her some love

LOVE, katie

Monday, March 22, 2010

the story behind..

behind everything there is a story. {be it sad, wierd, or just simply delightful}

so if your wondering katie, why is your picture at the top a tree??.

well. theres a story for that. {yes apple. i stole your line. ha!}

over spring break i spent such a wonderful two days with my delightful grandparents. you may call them nana and grandpa. we'll discuss the story behind nana later. my grandpa is a sucker for grandpa tell me a story! so heres how it goes: Grandpa has a mom and a dad {dur} and his mom just happened to have a wicked green thumb. When dad died, mom decided to plant three pear trees in his honor. Lets just say the green thumb didn't run in the family. so this is the only little pear tree left. and this is why the pear tree means so much to Grandpa. THE END.

great story. i love it. and i get to hear it every time i go. this is why there is a tree at the top of my page. it reminds me to cherish my lovely little family :)

LOVE, katie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

off to a successful start.

horaaay. the first OFFICIAL {in my book} day of SPRING BREAK. beach? no. mountains? no. well where the heck am i going? MADISON MS! i call this lovely place home.

anddd i wanted a picnic so i got a picnic.
it was supposed to be a lovely day. but mother nature likes to mess with my plans. she made it chilly, cloudy, and windy. but nothing was stopping my picnic.
so this lovely man made me this lovely meal.

then when we just got fed up with the weather. we scedattled off to. wait for it....BASS PRO SHOP. really makes you remember your in mississippi. because yes its one of the biggest buildings besides the mall and movie theater. oh and why yes it DOES have a waterfall with huge catfish and gar at the bottom. i dunno. i find it pretty cool.
so if you didn't believe me before. now you do.
i love my world.

LOVE, katie

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


its the end to a totally stress free day.
but WAIT. Katie, why was it stress free? you have a quiz, an application, and an essay to write by tomorrow. {HOLY BANANA!} hey brain. focus on the stress free.

i only had
See full size image
classes today.
{i may or may not start to doodle this little guy in class}

then on to hips butts and guts class with this lovely lady
{hey teach. is this really supposed to hurt this much.}
she also sang the whole room be our guest. accents and all. :)

anddd. i've been listening to when you say you love me ALL day.

Dear Josh,
I have little eargasms every time you sing. to me.
because i know you do.
because i make your world go still. when i say. i love you.
please. no one wake me from this.

oh. and the veronicas.
can i please BE you. or at least know you.

enough of my ramblings. that big list at the top? alas. it must be done.

LOVE, katie

Monday, March 1, 2010


my dearest and loving sister came to see me this weekend!

i missed her so much.

i will tell of our adventures through a picture monologue.

and yes i just love the way that sounds.


and we immediately started baking.

Yes the middles are sinking. Yes we didn’t cook them for long enough.

And we sat down with our tasty treats.

To watch…


DAY 2:

Off to a splendid start.

But we reconciled.

And took a cheesy overused mirror picture.

Because we can.


our breakfast. lunch. and dinner.

then we went to the zoo and took more pictures


this will be our wedding picture.


photo opp!

katie. no. -- bekka. yes.

then she got quite fed up.

if you make me take one more picture…

when the zoo kicked us out…

we saw..


but now she is gone.

and I miss her so.

LOVE, katie