Friday, January 8, 2010

&& i swear that you dont have to go...

even though you may wish to.
i don't claim to be interesting.
this will be ME. filtered through MY brain. and in MY words.

my inspiration? oh just this little book i found.
i plan to do everything in this book. hopefully long before i get old. [how old is old?]

this book and this blog will be the start to a brand new me.
i used to be fearful of life. obsessive. secretive. boring.
not anymore.

  1. talking to my cousins.
  2. making sushi plans
  3. seeing {justin}
  4. taking a nap with my puppies
  5. organizing my binders

on sadder notes.
[for the last time.]
i've added to my new years resolution list.
no more waisting time sad.

Dear Rachel. I will miss you. I now hate LSU
{college wont be the same.}


  1. oh love your blog!
    that book looks awesome!
    proud to be your first follower!
    PLUS i love that you used my "what made me happy today"!!! i made it on paint! ha. fabulous.

  2. How old is old? I don't know, old is when you die so with everyone it can be different. Get started now and enjoy life!!!!