Tuesday, March 9, 2010


its the end to a totally stress free day.
but WAIT. Katie, why was it stress free? you have a quiz, an application, and an essay to write by tomorrow. {HOLY BANANA!} hey brain. focus on the stress free.

i only had
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classes today.
{i may or may not start to doodle this little guy in class}

then on to hips butts and guts class with this lovely lady
{hey teach. is this really supposed to hurt this much.}
she also sang the whole room be our guest. accents and all. :)

anddd. i've been listening to when you say you love me ALL day.

Dear Josh,
I have little eargasms every time you sing. to me.
because i know you do.
because i make your world go still. when i say. i love you.
please. no one wake me from this.

oh. and the veronicas.
can i please BE you. or at least know you.

enough of my ramblings. that big list at the top? alas. it must be done.

LOVE, katie


  1. and yet there is nothing on here about my amazing speech. i'm hurt.

  2. GOOD GOOD GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! power through your to do list!!
    and HUURAH for your stress free day!