Thursday, March 25, 2010

ding dong the phone is dead...

I have some sad news to report.
my phone is dying a slow and painful death. and I can't put it out of its misery until Tuesday.
my poor poor little blackberry.
she makes no sound. she vibrates no more. she has to work extra hard to receive messages and her cute little camera doesn't work.
i will be switching to a poc {piece of crap} phone on tuesday.
so wish me luck as i make the digression from technology of the future to "technology" of the past.
i'll post a picture of the new {but temporary. thank God} baby as soon as i get here.


  1. I hate when my phones die! I feel like its my fault :( i guess it is.. haha

  2. oh no!!! i'm sorry about that!
    but i'm dying from "poc" phone haha that is too funny!!