Wednesday, April 14, 2010

little letters

First of all, i realize it has been almost 4586 days {exact number of course} since i have been on here. and i also realize that this is un-ac-ceptable. so to end this little hiatus period. little letters :)

Dear Professors,
i dont know if you all are in some kind of race to give the most tests and papers and quizzes in the last month of school. but it is not appreciated. i would like them to stop. now.
Thank you,

Dear Gym,
I am surprised as you are that we have been meeting on such a regular basis. I hope we can keep this relationship up.
Surprisingly yours,

Dear Easter Basket,
Do not taunt me with your delicious goodness that you hold. I can not resist you. this is unfair.
Still yours,

Dear Weather,
Thank you for being the light at the end of this academic tunnel. Thank you for making my days all shiny and warm. Shorts appreciate it too.
Much appreciated,

Dear Blog,
I'm sorry. the Sunshine and Papers win. When summer comes around i'm all yours again.

Dear Freshman 15,
Where the heck did you come from and could you please go back there.
Hatefully yours,

Dear "new" Phone,
You are sturdy yes, but... the buzzing noise you make in my ear is not pleasant. Also the fact that you shut off when your tired is not appreciated. Please stop this acting out.
Dependent on you,

Dear Food,
i love you. that is all.

Dear Diet Coke,
I realize I have been neglecting you for Water lately. Nothing personal it is just the bikini season. But come Monday I will prove my loyalty.
Forever yours,

Dear self,
Chill out. Sleep.
Love, Katie

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