Saturday, April 24, 2010

hello rainy saturday.

i wish you looked like that ^ but since you don't...

i have conquered this day and been far too productive {sort of}
i felt today was going to be successful when i actually left the room for breakfast and had eggs, grits, and cornbread {?}. good break from cereal and nutri grain bars.

i have been swimming in papers on exercise and mentoring.
but when i get bored with that {shocker} i return to my piles of crafts :)
i have been printing and editing pictures for days now thanks to my theatre project.
hey i'm not complaining.

to combat all this work i painted my nails lincoln park after dark. LOVE IT.
and made my favorite rainy day snack.
toast with nutella and pumpkin/honey tea :) its perfection together.

say hello to my new homework time playlist. {thank you genius mixes}
1. one time -- justin bieber
2. take me on the floor -- the veronicas
3. follow through -- gavin degraw
4. naturally -- selena gomez {guilty pleasure here}
5. satellite heart (air mail remix) -- anya marina
6. it's still rock and roll to me -- billy joel
7. distance -- karsh kale
8. first dance -- justin bieber ft. usher
9. heartbreak warfare -- john mayer
10. daniel -- billy joel & elton john

have a beautifully rainy {or sunny} day.

LOVE, katie

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