Saturday, March 13, 2010

off to a successful start.

horaaay. the first OFFICIAL {in my book} day of SPRING BREAK. beach? no. mountains? no. well where the heck am i going? MADISON MS! i call this lovely place home.

anddd i wanted a picnic so i got a picnic.
it was supposed to be a lovely day. but mother nature likes to mess with my plans. she made it chilly, cloudy, and windy. but nothing was stopping my picnic.
so this lovely man made me this lovely meal.

then when we just got fed up with the weather. we scedattled off to. wait for it....BASS PRO SHOP. really makes you remember your in mississippi. because yes its one of the biggest buildings besides the mall and movie theater. oh and why yes it DOES have a waterfall with huge catfish and gar at the bottom. i dunno. i find it pretty cool.
so if you didn't believe me before. now you do.
i love my world.

LOVE, katie


  1. oh picnics and waterfalls!! what a great start to spring break!