Monday, March 22, 2010

the story behind..

behind everything there is a story. {be it sad, wierd, or just simply delightful}

so if your wondering katie, why is your picture at the top a tree??.

well. theres a story for that. {yes apple. i stole your line. ha!}

over spring break i spent such a wonderful two days with my delightful grandparents. you may call them nana and grandpa. we'll discuss the story behind nana later. my grandpa is a sucker for grandpa tell me a story! so heres how it goes: Grandpa has a mom and a dad {dur} and his mom just happened to have a wicked green thumb. When dad died, mom decided to plant three pear trees in his honor. Lets just say the green thumb didn't run in the family. so this is the only little pear tree left. and this is why the pear tree means so much to Grandpa. THE END.

great story. i love it. and i get to hear it every time i go. this is why there is a tree at the top of my page. it reminds me to cherish my lovely little family :)

LOVE, katie

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  1. oh my goodness!
    this is so lovely. i love stories like this. and i love your new header. even more too after i read the story!