Friday, February 18, 2011

hello weekend.

ahh the week is finally over!
and i'm starting it off with an episode of house.
ah a drugged out god among men. {he totally has a soft side which is why he is SUCH a cutie. plus he just sang a Christmas carol. so here have my ♥}

anyway. what i'm really looking forward to is NCIS. because this hunk of burning love has even more of my ♥

has anyone noticed my weird obsession with old men yet?

have a wonderful weekend!

i must add on to this blog because i forgot a major crush

a crush from my childhood that has lasted into my twenties. and an addition to my old man obsession. {i loved his machoness along with his jokes and his softie side ♥}
oh and this.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

papers here, papers there, papers papers everywhere

and i'm writing a paper.
{woot woot for all the procrastinators}

me and this highly marked up paper are not friends.
i'm having majorrrrr writers block {think i have almost 3 and it has to be 4 full type deal}
SO. what else to do but write somewhere where i DON'T have writers block.

i went home to lovely madison this week. {hooraaa} where me and my lovely mother tried many cooking ventures.

day 1. half banana nut half blueberry muffins.
we made the recipe out of order. exchanged wheat flour for white flour and splenda for sugar.
and put blueberries in a banana bread mix.

day 2. whole wheat blueberry pancakes.
but it only made four pancakes. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. totally not enough to fill any normal family up. but next time i guess i'll just have to triple the recipe. darn.

day 3. i'm back at school so the cooking adventures are over and i'm back to lemon bread and oatmeal. and self made coffee. {never as good as mommass. oh no. or daddy's since i'm sure he'll be reading this soon}

tomorrows monday. and its supposed to rain. so lets wear bright colors! HOORAA :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

good morning starshine.

i've been so negligent in my updating i know.
i had thoughts of just straight up abandoning it *gasp* BUT i came to my senses and i have not.
since its been almost a year since i updated this thing i realized i have ALOT of updating to do.

first. i have a newww house :) well its more of a condo BUT it looks like this:
totally adorable. okay so those aren't mine. but i don't have a picture of just mine. so this will do.

second. i've recently moved to a bigger room in my house :D

third. i turned TWENTY. feel kindaaaa old. BUT can't wait for the big 21.

fourth. i've got two new roommates. which means two new friends. and lotsssss of renovating.

fifth. i now go to MS state instead of Alabama. and i'm a pre vet major instead of anthropology.

didn't quiteeee realize how much had gone on since i last updated this! more later. i promise.