Wednesday, May 19, 2010


ah summer. its off to a wonderful start. full of sunny days and warm nights. i love mississippi summers.
i love the food. i love the drinks {tea and lemonade. nothing better} and mostly. i love the CLOTHES.

i want this. its on my wish list. but i have a feeling, being only 5'2", i won't be able to pull it off. worth a shot. at least i started off the summer with a clothing bang. i got two new sandals :) perfect summer shoes. one in gray and one in brown. i'm obsessed.

for mine and justin's one year we decided to make chelsea's five minute chocolate cake. it was DELICIOUS. {except justin's turned out better than mine. he mixed his egg and wet ingredients separately and the dumped them in. i mixed them in directly. i'd follow him.} either way. it was a delicious desert. and so fast and easy! we added strawberries to the top which was extra delectable. i'm obsessed. i think i'll make it again tomorrow :)

p.s. i'm working at smoothie king andd the jackson zoo. so there will be tons of summer fun.


  1. hooray you made the cake!!
    ahh isn't so yummy!!!

    i love that dress!!

    and how fun that you are working at smoothie king!! my sister used to work there and i would always come and get free treats! haha.

    and YES i totally got your letter!! i emailed you the other day.. i don't know if you got it or not.. but i thought you had sent like another address or said you were changing addresses but i can't find the new address.. so i didn't want to send it to your old address. so its sitting on my table all ready though! just no address! haha!

  2. your summer sounds like it is indeed off to the best start!!! oooh, i love getting new sandals! and there's nothing better than getting TWO new pairs!!! the romper is presh! you must try it. i have to make the five min cake! your jobs sound super fun!