Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its been one of those days.

a roller coaster.

back to

but hey at least were at yay now.

days like this make me happy for the often taken for granted things.

like my little sister.

she makes my day cheerier.

i want her cheer.

and my boyfriend.

who through it all loves me.

INTRODUCING. (another)

and todays miracles are....

1.) my nana bear.

2.) wonderful roomates.

3.) best true friends

4.) my mom

5.) the sun

6.) my sister

7.) iced white chocolate mocha.

its like a little piece of coffee heaven.

8.) (forgiveness)

9.) class ending at 12 :)

LOVE, katie

Friday, January 22, 2010

Make your own KFC sign at peta2.com

please go. i cried.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


thanks to chelsea-rebecca
i have been inspired to try new things.
i am trying out veggie for a week.
(beginning January 24)

now i realize you dont just choose to go vegetarian for no good reason.
the fact is. i do have a problem with the meat market.
i could just never give up my precious meat.
so i looked the other way - in a sense - as i chomped down on my burger and bacon.
but for this week i will listen to my little voice and go vegetarian.
lets hope it sticks!

LOVE, katie

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i have come to a sad realization today.
that my life is verging on pathetically boring.

what did i do today?
1) went to class.
2) went to dorm.
3) went to class.
4) went to dorm.
5) went to class.
6) back at dorm.
anyone see the pattern?

SO. instead of my daily life.

1.) keeping up with the kardashians. {its strangely addicting.}
2.)diet dr. pepper and baked lays.
look at that healthy meal right there
3.)any disney movie. doesnt matter.
in fact i watched mulan today :)
"Look, you get porridge...and its happy to see you!"
4.)the 90's on 9.
goin back in time. much better than todays music.
5.) miley cyrus.
6.)$5 'Hot and Ready' pizza from Little Caesars

SO stoked for tomorrows WORKOUT CLASS
correct. i get a grade for working out.
i'm a little embarrassed to fill out the 'workout history' questionnaire however.
{its been a while}

1.) watching mulan while blowing my diet
{i did drink water ;)}
2.) my anthropology teacher.
he has accomplished everything in life that i want to be.
3.) finding out my sister considers me her best friend
4.) this beautiful sunset
5.) watching winnie the pooh's "heffalumps and woozles" with my roomie.

LOVE Katie

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Christmas break is over -- so sad.
number of suitcases? {8}

not all sadness.
church tomorrow with my family and baby doll :D
and my favorite part. food.

Dear Jessica.
this i am excited for.
i have missed you.

  1. lunch at buffalos with my family
  2. sitting in front of the fire
  3. watching shallow hal with justin (babydoll.)
  4. my mothers chicken chili
  5. cuddling.

sleep? sounds good.
8 am wake up. 3 hour drive. [D:]

LOVE, Katie

Friday, January 8, 2010

&& i swear that you dont have to go...

even though you may wish to.
i don't claim to be interesting.
this will be ME. filtered through MY brain. and in MY words.

my inspiration? oh just this little book i found.
i plan to do everything in this book. hopefully long before i get old. [how old is old?]

this book and this blog will be the start to a brand new me.
i used to be fearful of life. obsessive. secretive. boring.
not anymore.

  1. talking to my cousins.
  2. making sushi plans
  3. seeing {justin}
  4. taking a nap with my puppies
  5. organizing my binders

on sadder notes.
[for the last time.]
i've added to my new years resolution list.
no more waisting time sad.

Dear Rachel. I will miss you. I now hate LSU
{college wont be the same.}