Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its been one of those days.

a roller coaster.

back to

but hey at least were at yay now.

days like this make me happy for the often taken for granted things.

like my little sister.

she makes my day cheerier.

i want her cheer.

and my boyfriend.

who through it all loves me.

INTRODUCING. (another)

and todays miracles are....

1.) my nana bear.

2.) wonderful roomates.

3.) best true friends

4.) my mom

5.) the sun

6.) my sister

7.) iced white chocolate mocha.

its like a little piece of coffee heaven.

8.) (forgiveness)

9.) class ending at 12 :)

LOVE, katie

1 comment:

  1. yay for little miracles!
    and for sisters! i miss my sisters so much!!
    and class ending at 12! so wonderful!
    and for coffee chocolate goodness!
    i love your yay to boo to yay pictures so cute!