Monday, February 15, 2010


since i have only 20 minutes before class.
and i have to write this amazing essay.
[paha. who am i kidding]
i cant make this the most banging blog of all.
but i promise i will make a new one when im not supposed to be learning about native americans.

so why you wonder do i write this if it isnt going to be awesome and thought out with pictures galore?
WELL. i just HAD to thank this amazing girl for my o so lovely valentine.
[there will be a picture posted of this later]
i was having a well rough day when my little voice spoke to me.
"go check your mail box"
"paha. are you kidding me. theres never anything in there"
"no. for real. just go"
so i went. and wala! my card. it brightned my day from a dull gray to a shiny sunshine!

onto class.

LOVE katie

1 comment:

  1. AH!!! hooray!! i'm so glad you got my card!
    so glad it brightened your day!
    hope your VALENTINES DAY was simply the greatest!!