Sunday, July 22, 2012


After a long period of abandonment I have decided to give the good ole' blog another try.
I have recently finished a large set of DIY projects for the dorm room my sister and I will be sharing.
There are no real tutorials for them because I never really intended for them to be tutorials but I'll at least share them with you on here.


My sister and I lucked out and got a room with carpet instead of laminate BUT the carpet was ugly. I'm not sure who picked it out but sheesh. I knew we needed a large rug to cover the majority of the carpet but large rugs are usually on the expensive end and we're on a budget.

In came a drop cloth for about 10 bucks and two things of Valspar sample paint and I was left with a huge area rug for about 15 bucks.

I got impatient and started peeling the tape off the already painted sections

more impatience.

the finished product!
I wouldn't call it the plushest rug in the world but hey its going over an already plush carpet.

I should probably add our bedspreads so you can get the direction the room is going.

The Sister's Duvet

My Duvet

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