Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY: Key Holder

As I was making DIY items for the dorm room I came across a bunch of key holders on Pinterest. 
I figured why not we are prone to losing our keys and this might just help save 10 minutes of looking in the morning{which means 10 more minutes of sleep}

here it is in all its glory
{1}Gray Spray Paint
{2} White Paint
{3} A Small Candle
{4} 3 hooks
{5} A Mason Jar
{6} I cant remember the name of the ring holding the mason jar on but it is found in the plumbing section

{1}I started out with a piece of scrap wood and painted it gray
{2}When that dried I rubbed the edges and parts of the middle with a candle 
{3}Then I painted it a creamy white color from Valspar - I had picked up the sample size earlier at Lowes
{4}Its hard to see in the picture but I sanded where the candle wax was and the gray peeks through on the edges
{5} I installed the hooks and the ring thing and then just slipped the mason jar in 

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