Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I Wore

Since I started a new job that requires me to dress "appropriately" (in other words no nike shorts - which is hard considering I'm a college student) I've decided to start keeping track of my outfits with this "What I Wore" post.

On this day I had to go to work but I also had to take the GRE (death) so I needed something comfy but work appropriate.
I started with a blue maxi dress I bought at least three years ago and have never worn.
I went through a multitude of sweater and belt options

too frumpy

not a fan of what it did to my hips 
the winner
The sweater I ended up choosing was a hand me down from my mom that I had never worn.

ta-da. comfy and wearable to work {p.s. sorry for the crappy quality I'm stuck with my iphone and a mirror for now}

Shop List:
Dress: Shop at the beach many years ago - Similar blue maxi 
Sweater: Hand me down from mom - Similar Cheetah Sweater
Belt: Came with a dress I bought from Material Girls - Similar Brown Skinny Belt
Shoes: Selena Gomez from Kmart {sold out I think) - Similar Tan Zip Sandals

♥ Katie

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